When does the year start?

The Armidale Horse Riding Club year runs to the Calendar year.  Competitions and events are held throughout the year and membership is required to enter any competition.

What does it cost ~ 2023?

Rider – single membership $30 per year
Family Membership $50 per year
Aged Pensioner Memberships now available

Please note that there is also a $10 ground fee per horse payable for each competition.

If you have problems please contact any member of our committee

What benefits does Armidale Riding Club membership offer?

  • You can participate in Club social and competition events.
  • You will meet like-minded people.
  • Invitations to participate in events outside the Club.
  • Membership offers to learn additional riding techniques.
  • But, most of all, you get to have FUN!

Usage of the Grounds

While members of the Armidale Riding Club are allowed to use the Armidale Equestrian Centre (AEC), there are rules about when and how these grounds can be used, as they are shared by multiple clubs and user groups.

The AEC is managed by the Armidale Equestrian Centre Management Body (EMB) who have laid out a set of Guidelines that have been adopted by all participating clubs.

Please read through the Guidelines, which are shown below:

EMB Guidelines_2015 – Final 2015

In particular, it is important to note, that Sundays are reserved for the exclusive use of the clubs to which they are allocated. The Armidale Riding Club has been allocated the 2nd Sunday of each month.

How to Join

To join Armidale Horse Riding Club, click on the button below and complete the online form and payment instructions.

The payment link is secure